Linkcard for Newsletters

How to Create a Newsletter

Newsletters have become a huge tool in digital marketing for brands and companies. They help businesses stay in touch with their clients base, promote products and provide quality content for their audience.

What is a Newsletter?

Newsletters are periodical digital publications you can send out to your clients and contacts’ mail lists. Think of it as owning, editing, and publishing your own newspaper. The contents of Newsletters depend on you brand or business but they usually contain:

  1. Brand Updates
  2. Reviews 
  3. News related to brand and products 
  4. Showcase of products and services
  5. Content helpful to the audience

Why did we add Newsletters to Linkcard?

The newsletter is part of our template offer because of its widespread use in business, how effective they are for the distribution of company and advertising messages. We saw its rise in popularity and created a template that is easy to fill, automate, and will help with your marketing goals.

How easy is it to Create a Newsletter with Linkcard

  1. Register
  2. Choose a template and personalize
  3. Publish

Use Linkcard’s Newsletters for

  1. Creating a unique channel of communication with your consumers 
  2. Updating on company news 
  3. Promoting new products or services
  4. Selling products or services
  5. Building your online presence
  6. Building an online community 
  7. Gifting promo codes and discounts 
  8. So much more!

Check out our Newsletters here

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It only takes 30 seconds to create your first mobile one-page webiste, get started for free