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Link in Bio is a tool that can power your digital marketing strategies in all your social media profiles. Using one of Linkcard microsite templates can help you reach a bigger audience, connect them with sites, promos, and the content you want them to discover. 

Discover professional templates that you can edit and personalize in minutes with Linkcard.

What is the Link in Bio template?

Link In Bio is a website link you place in your profiles or post in order to redirect people to another web address, which contains more sites, tabs, or information more in it. It helps broaden the reach of your social media actions by allowing a multiple-choice site to open with one single click.

The main use of these Link In Bio is in Instagram profiles since these don’t allow for more than one link at a time. So, having the ability to store multiple addresses in one is the best way to provide target audiences with navigation options. Also, because Instagram captions do not allow hyperlink functionality, meaning that if you place a link in them, no one will be able to click and go anywhere. Instead, links on Instagram captions just read like text. When you have a good profile linking option you can just say “head over to my profile, click on the link” and place in there all the websites you want to connect to.

Linkcard’s templates lets you do all of that, and you can create, personalize and edit in minutes. With multiple templates, features to add, and a simple drag and drop creation tool.

Why we created this template?

At Linkcard we understand the power of social media in digital marketing. This tool is made to give you more choices in what you can say and connect to your profiles. Going around the problem of a single link profile to create a more comprehensive microsite that can have multiple uses.

Use Linkcard Link in Bio template for

  1. Showcase more information about yourself and your brand
  2. Link out to your online store to get sales
  3. Get traffic to your website, blog, and more
  4. Add more media to your profile by linking videos or youtube channel
  5. Feature your brand in a beautifully designed Link In Bio page

Discover how it works and look here

It only takes 30 seconds to create your first mobile one-page website, get started for free

It only takes 30 seconds to create your first mobile one-page webiste, get started for free