Linkcard as a digital marketing solution for manufacturers

 Linkcard as a digital marketing solution for manufacturers

You can build amazing websites, and digital marketing assets all on your own, go live quickly, and update whenever you need. 

Marketing for manufacturers has been changing, like most in industries, constantly over the last decades. The arrival of new communication channels and ways of shopping made it so companies needed to update and become adept at new digital platforms. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of these new channels and one of those is the use of Linkcard and its many marketing solutions. 

Why is Linkcard a great digital marketing tool?

Linkcard is a microsite creation and digital marketing management platform, based on a no-code principle that allows users to create websites and other digital products with no need for coding experience or designers. Everything you need you can find on your dashboard. 

You can build amazing websites, and digital marketing assets all on your own, go live quickly, and update whenever you need. 

A Linkcard plan gives you independence and the capabilities to take charge of your marketing strategies.

What are your digital marketing needs as a manufacturer? 

Manufacturers are in most cases in a B2B base, meaning they communicate to other businesses to sell their products, although some do operate while speaking directly to clients, otherwise known as B2C. 

No matter where your company falls you will have digital marketing needs, with 53% of industrial customers shopping online, your company needs to have a digital presence that makes sense and stands out. 


The main needs digital marketing you will have as a manufacturer are:

1. Brand awareness 

Approaching your target audience and letting them know what you offer, your values and setting up a storytelling narrative for your brand. 

2. Lead generation 

Creating those first connections that eventually get you sales and revenues, generating interest in your products. 

3. Lead nurturing 

Keeping those first interested parties engaged and happy with the process until they make the final decision.

4. Brand building 

Continuing to create a brand personality and spread awareness, now with customer support and use cases. 

5. Increase reach 

Expanding your marketing approach beyond your first target, conducting market research and identifying new targets.

6. Sales / conversions 

Sales and conversions stem from marketing efforts, supported by a great digital experience and presence. 

7. Retention 

Making sure your customer experience is outstanding and encourages clients to stay loyal to your brand.

These are the basics of any marketing plan for a manufacturer, going from the first encounter with the customer to making that client a repeat buyer. 

Why is Linkcard an excellent tool for manufacturers?

Linkcard is a no-code platform that brings digital marketing tools closer to businesses without the need to create or hire a development or marketing department. 

You can use your Linkcard account to create hundreds of different websites and take advantage of other marketing perks like data tracking and email signature marketing. 

Manage all website and marketing needs from one platform with the advantage of ready-made templates and a user firefly dashboard. We want you to build independently, and create what you need when you need it with Linkcard

microsites for manufacturersUsing microsites as a manufacturer 

Microsites can become one of the greatest tools in your arsenal as a manufacturer since these tiny titans can cover much ground in just a few clicks. 

Imagine you have a new product launch and don’t know exactly where this content will live on your main website. Maybe you want to try a new language or graphics but don’t want to clash with your current site, Linkcard’s microsites can help. 

Create, edit and manage all your product websites from one platform and do it yourself. Linkcard has hundreds of templates for all types of digital marketing actions available to you, create anything from a product launch site to an event microsite in minutes all by yourself. 

Digital business cards 

Do you have a sales force contacting clients, suppliers, and leads on meetings, conferences, and more then you need to update to digital business cards

Leave behind the hassle and waste of paper business cards, with its digital upgrade you can create a better first impression and help your sales force be remembered. 

Linkcard’s digital business cards are easy to use update and personalize. You can add your branding details to each one and make sure you are represented cohesively by your whole workforce. 

Track and nurture leads with the help of data collection and digital constant exchange. Plus you can add new information whenever you want and links to socials, websites, and online stores. 

Emails signature marketing 

One of the best features you get with your Linkcard account is the email signature. This small addition to your everyday communication can help you get messages across constantly. 

Can you turn every email into a marketing opportunity? Well, you can do that with Linkcard. 

Add an email signature with messaging, branding, and contact information, a statement that stands out and enriches every email you send. 

Product sites for clients 

Imagine being able to provide your clients with their own promotional website for your products? That means more sales on their side, more demand for your product, and more business. 

Offering clients a personalized microsite with each line of product they buy can be a decision-making factor for a sale. Because you are not only giving them the product but also means for marketing and sales. 

Add Linkcard microsites to your sales packages and make your sales pitch stand out amongst the competition. 

All your digital marketing needs taken care of  with Linkcard 

The bottom line is, Linkcard is an all-encompassing tool for businesses from small to big, it gives you the digital marketing freedom you crave, the ability to build websites without depending on anyone else, and take your marketing actions to the next level. 

How to start using Linkcard in 3 steps 

  1. Register here 
  2. Choose a template and personalize
  3. Publish!